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Take advantage of every opportunity to get ahead – Mercer Financial Advice could make all the difference to your tomorrow.


In many parts of our lives, advice comes cheap and it gets thrown around so much we stop seeking it out, even for the important things like investing, growing and protecting our wealth. That can mean we miss opportunities to get ahead, leaving us to wonder what the ‘other half’ are doing that we aren’t. Well, usually that’s simply getting some good advice – that really makes the difference.

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A different class

It takes commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards to be a recognised FPA Professional Practice. So when you’re seeking the best advice, think about the difference extra education, professionalism and customer service can make to you.

  • Education: Over 60% of our advisers hold the highest industry qualification
  • Professionalism: All our advisers are salaried and receive no commissions
  • Customer service: An annual advice audit ensures every adviser lives up to the highest standards

A different approach

Seeking financial advice is as much about gaining peace of mind as it is about building wealth; that’s why we go the extra mile to help our customers sleep sweeter.  Every complex strategy we provide goes through a three-stage analysis to be certain it meets your true needs.

A different structure

Choosing a financial adviser is tricky. There’s a huge selection, from a lone trader out there on their own, all the way to a ‘big bank’ adviser - and each operate in completely different worlds. We like to think offer the best of both.

  • Global reach: 400 full-time researchers globally informing $100b of investment funds
  • Local knowledge: We specialise in the stuff that matters - super, retirement, growing and protecting wealth, tax strategies, aged care and estate planning

A different result

We understand the results you’re after will only come once we’ve built a true relationship and are working towards a set of defined goals – your goals.  Getting to know what matters to you and what you want to achieve doesn’t cost you a thing but it does help us deliver a strategy designed to bring your future dreams to life.

Maybe that’s why 90% of our customers tell us they’re happy or very happy with their service.

Super questions answered fast

Access the right investment option, contribution strategies and insurance cover inside super quickly and easily. Our super experts are ready and waiting to provide a Super Pulse Check over the phone. And for Mercer Super customers, it’s all part of the service.

Speak to an adviser today - call 1800 682 525

Mercer Super Trust: 1800 682 525
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Financial Advice: 1800 682 525

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Office: 727 Collins St, Melbourne
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