Allocated Pension Division (APD) helps you boost your pension savings. Contact Mercer Super now to find out more about APD.

Allocated pension

If you’re 65 or over, already retired or need to retire earlier than planned and have met your preservation age*, you can access your super as an income.

How it works:

Set up your pension account by transferring all or some of your super balance into a pension account^.

  1. Decide how often you want to receive your pension payment; monthly, quarterly or annually –you can change payment frequency and amount anytime online, or by calling us. You can also take out extra money if you need it.
  2. The balance of your pension account remains invested and will keep earning interest, which can mean more pension payments to draw from. Like a super account, you can select your investment options.

You can choose to:

Choose a set-and-forget investment strategy and invest in Mercer SmartPath. Your investments are automatically adjusted according to your life stage – de-risking as you approach retirement.


Or choose from over 20 carefully selected investment options; access to term deposits and ASX shares with Mercer Direct^.


Benefits of an Allocated Pension account

  1. Your investment earnings are tax-free; which means more money in your pocket. This includes any capital gains you realise in investments through our Mercer Direct# option.
  2. If you’re 60 or over, your retirement income payments are generally tax-free and don’t need to be declared as assessable income when you lodge a tax return.
  3. Choose the frequency of your pension payment - monthly, quarterly or annually, and change the amount whenever you need.
  4. Access your account online, anytime
  5. All of our funds are invested based on our Environmental, Social and Governance principles, with the core belief that companies deliver better, more sustainable returns when they are well managed and pay close attention to environmental and social issues like climate change, water security, workplace safety and human rights. Better for you, better for our community and better for the planet.
  6. Experience a seamless transition from your Mercer Super plan into an Allocated Pension account. Don’t have a Mercer Super account? Join Mercer Super today.

It’s a good idea to consolidate all your super into one place before you start your pension account, as you can’t add any additional super into your pension account once it’s opened. 

Not ready to retire yet?

You don’t need to retire in order to access your super. Top-up your income by receiving payments from your super with a Transition to Retirement (TTR) account.

* Preservation age is what determines when you can access your super at retirement and is based on when you were born. Find out more here.

^Subject to the transfer balance cap. A transfer balance cap, also known as a ‘life-time limit’ of $1.6m is set by the Government on the total amount of super you can transfer into a pension account that has no tax on investment earnings. Find out more at

# You will need at least $20k to invest via Mercer Direct. Find out more here.