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MST (CSD/APD) Choice products Annual Outcomes Assessment 

Each year Mercer Super is required to assess our performance against other super funds and determine whether our products promote the financial interests of our members.

Each annual assessment is split into two stages. The Trustee has decided to place equal weighting on both assessment stages when making its determination. Stage 1 only applies to MySuper products which is why only stage 2 is applicable for MST Choice's (CSD superannuation and Pension) Annual Outcomes Assessment.

When carrying out our assessment, we consider a number of factors including:

  • investment options
  • investment performance
  • costs and fees
  • insurance options and fees
  • overall size and scale of our fund

We’ve assessed the performance of MST Choice and determined that it’s promoting the financial interests of our members as at 30 June 2020 based on the below factors.

Factor  Rating 

Options, benefits and facilities

Members’ financial interests are promoted.

Member services rated top 3 in 2020 by Chant West compared to all other retail and industry funds. 

Overall Net Promoter Score of +13 compared with the industry average of -10.

Investment strategy

Members’ financial interests are promoted.

Annual review of investments completed and small adjustments made to some Choice option investment strategies to improve member outcomes.

Overall, the investment strategies were concluded to be appropriate.

Insurance strategy (CSD only)

Members’ financial interests are promoted.

We compared our insurance design to our competitors and found our insurance strategy supports member needs.

Insurances Fees (CSD only)

Members’ financial interests are promoted.

The majority of members are expected to have insurance fees (premiums) less than 1% of salary which will better ensure insurance fees do not inappropriately erode the retirement income of members.


Members’ financial interests are promoted.

Scale has been obtained given the product forms part of the Mercer Super Trust. This allows access to significant staffing levels, bargaining power and risk pooling.

Operating cost

Members’ financial interests are promoted.

Outsourced service providers have contracts negotiated regularly and benchmarked to other potential providers. Latest benchmarking concluded that providers met the market standards on pricing, service levels and quality for funds similar to the Mercer Super Trust.

Fee structure

Members’ financial interests are promoted.

Fees charged to members are directly linked to underlying investment costs and outsourced service providers costs.

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