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May market update, US-China tensions - Mercer Super Australia
May market update

After an optimistic April, sentiment soured in May as US-China tensions rattle global markets.

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Economic growth - Mercer Super Australia
Top 4 threats to economies in our region

Asia-Pacific economies are expected to grow by 5.6% in the two years to 2021 however, serious risks lie ahead.

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Quarter 2 2019 market update - Mercer Super Australia
Promising data

Widespread concern about the global markets began to ease in April as more positive data began to appear.

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Turning your retirement plans into a realistic practice - Mercer Super AU
Reality plans clash with reality

This Mercer survey yields some strong insights to help turn your retirement plans from theory into a realistic practice.

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Tidying up your super - Mercer Super Australia
Tidying up your super

Find yourself with superannuation accounts here, there and everywhere? It's time to tidy up your super.

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2018 Federal Budget vs 2019 Federal Budget - Mercer Super AU
1 July changes

In last year’s Budget, the Government announced a range of reforms as part of its Protecting Your Super package.

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Adviser tips on property - Mercer Super Australia
Top adviser tips on property

Keen on investing in the property market? Mercer Financial Adviser, Julie Baldacchino, shares her top five tips on this year's property market.

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Hot property starts to cool

Buyers are increasingly well placed as property prices decline across most Australian capitals, with Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra holding firm.

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How safe are houses?

Australians’ much vaunted love affair with property means residential bricks and mortar account for a huge portion of our overall wealth.

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Responsible investment on the rise

Responsible Investing is no longer a niche as it's reached a tipping point in Australia. Here's why.

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How does 2019 Federal Budget affect our environment - Mercer Super AU
Change is not in the air

The Morrison Government has staked its environmental reputation on a $2 billion boost to Climate Solutions Fund.

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Can Earth sustain another billion people

The global population will swell to 8.5 billion people by 2030 according to the latest projections, news that has some scientists sounding the alarm.

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Staffing comes to smartphones

Recruitment apps can do in moments what might take the average HR department weeks.

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Mental health and the workplace - Mercer Super Australia
Great workplaces

Mental health is a real struggle for some people, it’s time we understand how to look after each other at work.

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How does 2019 Federal Budget affect our workforce - Mercer Super AU
Future proofing the workforce

Up to 80,000 apprenticeships will be created in industries with skills shortages as part of a $525 million skills package

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8 ways to go a little greener

It’s easy to weave environmental actions into our daily lives and, best of all, it’s cheap. Here’s how.

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Persistent poverty

Our superannuation and welfare systems disadvantage female retirees who do not own property.

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Getting in the right headspace

Young people will get faster access to mental health services based on the current Federal Budget.

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