COVID-19 FAQS: Switching my investment option


1. Should I change my investment option/s?

It’s important to remember that super is a long-term investment and is designed to weather short-term investment market changes. COVID-19 is causing market volatility which may prompt you to reconsider your investment strategy. However, switching investment options at a time when markets are low may not be in your best interest.

If you are considering an investment switch, we recommend you seek financial advice before taking action.

2. How do I change my investment strategy?

If you are considering changing your investment strategy, you can do this by logging onto and updating the ‘Investment’ page. 

There are separate sections online to update your ‘current investment’ or ‘your future contributions’. You must update these separately by clicking the edit button for each investment and following the prompts.

3. What is the difference between Future Contributions and Current Investments?

Your current investments is how your super balance is invested today and your future investments refers to how any future contibutions will be invested.

For example, your current investment is how your super balance is currently being invested and if your employer pays your super quarterly you may not see your future investments change for three months.

4. How long does the investment switch take before I can see it?

If we receive the request by 4pm, the investment is processed two days after receipt. Your investment change will only appear on once it’s been processed, it doesn’t appear immediately.

5. Why is there a delay in declaring unit prices?

Your online account balance doesn’t reflect that day’s unit price, unit prices are not calculated until after the end of the business day.

When you submit a request to switch investment option, we apply the unit price set for the day the request is received. If unit prices fall or rise before the change is made, the price fluctuation does not affect your request. You receive the declared unit price for the day your request is lodged.

6. Do I need to submit my investment choice again as I can’t see it on the website?

While your switch is effective from the day you submit, it takes up to approximately two business days after receipt or your request to be processed.

Your change will only appear on once it’s processed, it doesn’t appear immediately. Please avoid submitting multiple requests, as this will slow down the process. 

7. I have submitted more than one investment switch, which one will you process?

If you have submitted more than one request to switch your investments on the same day, before 4pm, we will process the latest request, However, if we receive a request for additional investment switches after 4pm, it will be processed the following day.

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