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Pay fewer fees and gain greater control over your money by combining your super into a single account. Log in to your online account or call the helpline on 1800 682 525, or log in to your online account and select “find my super” from the drop down menu.




Your super is an investment in your future – make sure it’s working as hard as it should be by getting the basics right. View your balance, update your contact details, manage your investment options and check your insurance cover with the click of a button. Set up your online account and download the app today.

New Mercer Super customers will receive a four-digit PIN in the mail. If you haven’t received one you can call the helpline on 1800 682 525 to set up your own PIN. 




By nominating beneficiaries you’re letting us know who should receive your super benefits if you pass away. There are two types of nominations you can make:

  • Non-binding nomination tells us you would like to receive your superannuation balance, including any insurance payout, should you pass away. Your nomination remains valid unless you change it.

“Non-binding” means we have some discretion to consider your preferences in light of your actual relationships at the time of your death when it comes to paying your benefit. 

Log in and select “beneficiaries” from the drop down menu.

  • Binding nomination means your benefit must be paid to your nominated beneficiary. A binding nomination is usually valid for up to three years. The disadvantages of a binding death benefit nomination is that your relationships may change between when you make the nomination and when you pass away.

Download a binding nomination form




If you don’t provide your TFN, you could miss out on some of the tax concessions super offers and you won’t be able to access some investment options. Without your TFN we can’t accept any personal after-tax contributions and you won’t be able to take part in the government co-contribution scheme. Update your personal details at your online account or call us.

Log in, click on the profiding your super fund with your TFN makes consolidation easy - Mercer Super Australia. icon and select “personal details”.





By sticking with Mercer you’ll continue to enjoy first-class benefits including free, limited advice about your super, award-winning customer service, a large range of investment choice, flexible insurance options and competitive fees.

If you don’t nominate a fund, your new employer will choose one for you. This can mean you end up with multiple super accounts, and paying multiple sets of fees.  

To keep your Mercer Super account when you start a new job, download the Mercer superannuation choice form, complete it and give it to your employer. 


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