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By nominating beneficiaries, you’re letting us know who should receive your super (including any insurance payout) when you pass away.

There are two types of nominations you can make:

  • Non-binding means we have some discretion to consider your preferences in light of your actual relationships at the time of your death. Your nomination remains valid unless you change it. You can update this online - just log in and select “beneficiaries”. 
  • Binding means your benefit must be paid to your nominated beneficiary person(s). A binding nomination, and is usually valid for up to three years. The disadvantages of a binding death benefit nomination is that your relationships may change between when you make the nomination and when you pass away. Download a binding nomination form here.

Your beneficiaries can be: 

  • your spouse (including de facto or same-sex)
  • your child (including adopted and stepchildren)
  • someone in an interdependency relationship with you
  • someone who is financially dependent on o\you
  • your legal personal representative (the executor or administrator of your estate).

If you decide to nominate your legal personal representative, then your super forms part of your estate and will be distributed according to your Will.

Log in and select “beneficiaries” from the drop down menu or download a binding nomination form.




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