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Contributing a little extra to your super now could make a big difference to your final balance and income in retirement.


Contribute before you pay tax  

Save on tax and boost your super by asking your employer if you can put more of your before-tax pay into your super account. You'll need to tell your HR or payroll department how much you'd like to 'salary sacrifice' from each pay cycle as either a dollar amount or a percentage.

You’ll only be taxed 15% on this amount – or 30% if you earn $250,000 a year or more – so salary sacrificing makes sense if your normal income-tax rate is higher than 15%.

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Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset (LISTO)

If you earn $37,000 or less a year and put some before-tax money into your super, including employer contributions, the Government may pay up to $500 per financial year into your super.  You don’t even have to apply for it; the Australian Taxation Office will deposit the Government’s contribution straight into your fund. 

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Contribute after you pay tax

Get some free money from the Government

It's not often we get something for nothing, but the Government's co-contribution scheme is about as close as it gets. If you're eligible and you make an after-tax contribution into your super, the Government may also make a contribution on your behalf.

The scheme works on a sliding scale; the lower your income, the more you may get from the Government. If you're at the lower end of the income scale and you make a personal super contribution of $1,000, you could be eligible for the maximum co-contribution of $500.

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Help your spouse grow their super too

You can help boost your spouse’s retirement savings by making a contribution to their super account.

If your spouse earns up to $40,000 a year and you put as much as $3,000 into their super you could get an 18% tax offset—saving you up to $540 in tax. Spouse contributions aren't subject to the usual 15% contributions tax and they are tax-free on withdrawal.

You can also split up to 85% of your before-tax super contributions with your spouse. This can help their super grow and possibly reduce the tax you’ll pay as well. Contribution splitting can only be done after the end of the financial year.

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Keep within the Government’s contribution caps  

The Government sets 'limits' called contribution caps which outline how much you can contribute to your super each year and still benefit from the tax concessions super offers.

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