Why Mercer Super - a woman smiling as she plans for retirement
Why Mercer Super - a woman smiling as she plans for retirement

Choose a leader in super
you can trust

When it comes to your super, you want the best returns for the money you invest in.

At Mercer Super, we use our global expertise and local presence to deliver you strong returns and super you can count on.

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Mercer Super is one of the largest corporate super funds in Australia, with over 30 years of experience.

Enjoy 24/7 access to Member Online portal or via our App to manage your super, beneficiaries and investments.

Mercer Super members consistently enjoy strong investment returns, well above the industry median.

Access to free limited financial advice over the phone, regular investment updates and flexible investment options.

We’re trusted by top ASX listed firms for their employees including Wesfarmers, Lendlease and many more.

Your money goes into responsible and sustainable investments, so your super won’t cost the earth.


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We are global and local experts in super

Our global team of 1,200 investment specialists seek the best investment opportunities in Australia and around the world.


They monitor any market volatility and adjust investment strategies where necessary, continuously working behind the scenes to help your money grow.

We are trusted by top ASX listed firms for employee super too. We create custom superannuation plans for employees with these companies, so they can provide you with a competitive offer for fees, retirement benefits and competitive insurance cover.

Set and forget or manage your investments

Set and forget option – default for members

If you are already tied up with other commitments, or want to hand your super money to a trusted expert – then our default investment option Mercer SmartPath is for you.

Relatively speaking when you are younger you have more risk appetite to invest in a mix of assets like shares, private equity and infrastructure.

Whereas when you get older, and are closer to retirement – you may want to reduce the level of risk you have to provide certainty with assets like cash.

Mercer SmartPath is a lifecycle investment option designed to move with you as you age. It does the work for you, gradually lowering your exposure to risk as you move closer to retirement age.

Our SmartPath option delivered one-year, three-year and five-year results to 31 May 2021 which have returned 21%, 8.9% and 9.1%.

 Calculated respectively after fees and taxes for the majority of Mercer Super members.

OR Manage your investment options

If you prefer to be more hands on with how your super is invested, then you can select from a range of investment options to create your own investment strategy.

We have ready-made options, sustainable focused choices, sector options and even Mercer Direct, where you can access the ASX 300 shares, terms deposits, exchange traded funds – all without needing to setup or maintain a complex Self-Managed Super fund.

Invest your super into a better future

We believe that your super should invest in a better future, one that won’t cost the earth. We also believe it’s possible to invest sustainably and deliver strong investment returns. 

Our responsible investment journey started in 2006 when we became a founding signatory (as a consultant) of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI) when they were launched.

We apply environmental, social and governance factors across all of Mercer Super’s investments.

We also offer Mercer Sustainable Plus options, designed for members who have a particular interest in sustainability-themed assets with a stringent set of ethical and sustainability criteria. If you want to exclude alcohol production, carbon intensive fossil fuels, gambling and pornography – a Sustainable Plus investment option may be for you.

Your important plan documents

Find all your important Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and detailed Plan information online.


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