Join Mercer Super Australia now for investment options that suit your needs and expert advice on how to grow your super fast.

Why join Mercer

Finding lost super is easy with mercer Super Australia.

Hassle free consolidation

It’s super easy to consolidate your other super accounts with Mercer and pay fewer sets of fees. We’ll do all the leg work and find any other super you may have. We’ll let you know what we find and then help you sort it all out in less than 10 minutes over the phone – no paper or hassle.

Mercer Super australia gives you as little or as much control as you like.

Investment choice - take as little or as much control as you like

With Mercer you get choice. You can let us do the hard work for you, or you can take control and choose from a range of carefully selected investment options to suit your needs.

Set your lifetime strategy with Mercer SmartPath™
If you prefer to leave it to us, you’ll be in safe hands.  Mercer SmartPath uses sophisticated thinking to continually match your investments to your life stage. When you’re younger, with years of working life ahead of you, we invest in more growth assets such as shares. As you get older, and retirement gets closer, we’ll focus more on defensive assets such as cash and term deposits.

Sit in the driver’s seat and invest in ASX 300 with Mercer Direct
If you want to be in control of your investments, you can. With Mercer Direct you’ll have direct access to the ASX 300, Exchange Traded Funds and term deposits – all within your super. You need to have a $20k balance to invest in it and some other terms and conditions apply. This is available to some, not all plans in Mercer Super. Check your PDS to make sure you’ve got access to it.

Change your investments whenever you like
You can change your investment option online at any time and there are lots more to choose from, including socially responsible investment options.

Mercer Super Australia offer financial advice to help secure your future.

Advice to help you set up your super right from the start

Make great decisions with great advice. You can get free limited advice about your super over the phone so give us a call and get your super sorted right from the start.

And if you take advantage of every opportunity to get ahead you might want to think about getting more detailed advice – speaking to a Mercer financial adviser today could make all the difference to your tomorrow.

We specialise in the stuff that matters - super, retirement, investment, tax strategies, aged care and estate planning – so whatever your financial position, your Mercer financial adviser can help you live the life you want today while building the future you deserve.

Before you start

Make sure you've:

  • Read and understood the Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) - To access the PDS please contact us on on 1800 682 525 and ask for the PDS for the Individual Section of Mercer Super, we can then send it to you via email or post.
  • Read the 'What you need to know' section below
  • Got your Tax File Number (TFN) handy.

It will only take a few minutes to complete and you'll be one step closer to making the most of your super.

If your employer offers a Mercer corporate plan, you don’t need to fill in this form. They’ll automatically open an account for you.

Join Mercer Super Australia now.

What you need to know

After you've opened your account

Once we've opened your account for you, you'll be able to update or change the following by logging into your account or calling us:

  • Your investment options (if you don't select one, you'll go into the default Mercer SmartPath investment option)
  • Your insurance
  • Your beneficiaries
  • Your personal details and communication preferences.

Your account in the Mercer Super Trust

By completing this online application you are applying for a super account to be opened in the Individual section of the Mercer SmartSuper Plan (Plan) within the Corporate Superannuation Division of the Mercer Super Trust under the PDS for the Plan. To become a member of the Individual section of the Plan you must meet the minimum account balance requirements - this means you have at least $1,000 to be invested or transferred into the Individual section of the plan to open your account.

Financial advice

Before making any decisions concerning your super, you should seek professional advice from a licensed, or appropriately authorised financial adviser.

Providing your tax file number (TFN)

You'll need to provide your TFN and provide consent for us to record and use it for the purposes set out in the TFN Collection Statement. If you don't wish to provide your TFN, you can still apply by completing a paper version of the application form.

Contact Mercer Super AU for all of your superannuation and financial planning queries.
Mercer Super Trust: 1800 682 525
Calling from Overseas: +61 3 8306 0900

8.00am - 7.00pm
Monday - Friday (AEST/AEDT)

Financial Advice: 1300 850 580

9.00am - 5.30pm
Monday - Friday (AEST/AEDT)

Mercer Super Australia has offices in Melbourne, Glen Waverley, Sydney, Paramatta, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Office: 727 Collins St, Melbourne
Mail: GPO Box 9946, Melbourne VIC 3001
+61 3 9623 5555

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