The life expectancy of Australians has increased dramatically over the past 60 years. This means that our retirement savings will need to last a lot longer than ever before.

Mercer LifetimePlus® provides income for life and protects your lifestyle regardless of how long you live.

We're living longer

People retiring today are likely to live well in their nineties. This trend is only increasing.


Source: Based on The Australian Government the Treasury data

So much so, that we're likely to outlive our savings


Source: Expectations vs Reality of Retirement, Mercer

You can't just rely on the age pension

People often assume that as we reach our late stages of retirement the age pension will be sufficient.

This isn’t actually the case. Whilst we spend less on holidays and going out, we spend more on our basic needs.


“Contrary to findings commonly cited in research on retirement, households do not show a decline in expenditure through the course of retirement”.

Source: Expenditure Patterns in Retirement, August 2016, AIST & Australian Centre for Financial Studies

Grace is a recent retiree who is worried about funding her retirement

Play the video below to watch and hear Grace’s story. 


Grace is worried about whether her money will last as long as she does. Her grandmother lived until 94 and Grace knows she has a chance of living even longer.

Her financial adviser recommends she invests some of her money in LifetimePlus to provide her with the peace of mind she is looking for.

Investing some of her money in LifetimePlus means that Grace won’t have to worry about outliving her savings because she will continue to receive an income for as long as she lives.

LifetimePlus gives Grace the peace of mind to enjoy her retirement.

Graph without Mercer LietimePlus

Graph with Mercer LietimePlus

LifetimePlus is very different to an annuity

Like an annuity, LifetimePlus pays you income for the rest of your life.

But unlike an annuity, LifetimePlus does not guarantee a set level of income. Your returns will vary according to the market and how long you have been invested.

The big advantage of LifetimePlus over annuities is that the income is stronger and increases the older you get

LifetimePlus provides extra income for as long as you live

LifetimePlus is an investment option for your retirement savings and complements your other investment options.

It is designed to give you the greatest returns when you need them the most – when your other assets may be running out.

With LifetimePlus you can live the retirement you want, comfortable in the knowledge you will never run out of money. 

Make your super last as long as you do

If you would like to know more about LifetimePlus please speak to your financial adviser or contact us directly.


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