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Covid-19 impact on investments - Mercer Super AU
Impact of COVID-19 on super investments

Our global team of over 1,200 investment experts are carefully monitoring international and local markets to help protect your retirement outcomes.

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Coronavirus: Take the long view

Markets have fallen sharply but long-term investors can ride out the storm.

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Long-term view a vaccine to panic

Coronavirus concerns have continued to impact global share markets in recent days.

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Living by the list

Having a list and a plan gets Sally Chambers up and going. It’s a strategy she employed throughout her working life and into retirement.

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Practice makes for a perfect retirement

A skilled engineer at home and abroad, Rob Power has retired three times but this time appears to have stuck.

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A retirement to value

Phuoc Bui-Quang and his wife Kim are helping build a museum to celebrate the Australian Vietnamese experience.

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Time to fix the recycling crisis

Australia’s recycling industry is in crisis — how did we get there and what can we do about it?

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A smart path to retirement success

Market volatility can have a significant impact on retirement savings but Mercer SmartPath is designed to deliver strong returns.

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1 in 11 workers are missing out on super

Australia’s superannuation system is amongst the best in the world, but nearly one million working Australians will contribute nothing to their super this year.

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Endangered species are everyone’s issue

Species decline is a major problem, but the solutions are well known, and everyone in Australia can play a part.

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Responsible investment on the rise

Investing with values is no longer a fringe undertaking. Here’s why Responsible Investing has reached a tipping point in Australia.

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Dreaming of a green Christmas

With a little research, we can keep Christmas full of good cheer while still making ethical and sustainable choices.

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Australian cities becoming expat choice

Mercer’s latest Cost of Living Survey shows Australian cities are becoming more affordable for expats.

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Staffing comes to smartphones

Recruitment apps can do in moments what might take the average HR department weeks. Here’s how technology is revitalising the search for talent.

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Mental health and the workplace - Mercer Super Australia
Great workplaces

Many people struggle in silence with a mental health condition, so it’s time to understand how best to look after each other – and ourselves – at work.

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Stroke of genius

The new portable brain-imaging technology could be a life-saving addition to road and air ambulances across Australia and the world.

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Father and daughter
Happy fathers take time to be dads

Most Australian dads will have celebrated Fathers’ Day recently, but few would have taken extended leave from work at the time their children were born.

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Why esports are exploding

Think video gaming appeals only to digital natives? See who else is getting involved.

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