Markets & Economy

China’s trash: Australia’s treasure

A new plan argues that investing in the domestic recycling sector could have substantial benefits for both the economy and the environment.

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No winners in an all-out trade war

An all-out trade war would be negative for global equity markets and the growing trade tensions risk plunging the world into another global financial crisis.

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The heavy weight of household debt

With household savings at near record lows and rising levels of debt, some commentators say middle-class Australians are living in poverty.

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5 Secrets to Retirement Success

Even when financially prepared for retirement, many people are unprepared for the psychological and social changes that occur.

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Australia slips in pension rankings

Australia's retirement system has gone down the global rankings due to growing household debt and tougher age pension tests introduced in January 2017.

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Giving with warm hands

As young people struggle to get into the housing market, one vital factor that can nudge them into the black: generous parents with the means to help.

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Hot property starts to cool

Buyers are increasingly well placed as property prices decline across most Australian capitals, with Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra holding firm.

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How safe are houses?

Australians’ much vaunted love affair with property means residential bricks and mortar account for a huge portion of our overall wealth.

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Mercer Super a leader

Australians want to invest in a responsible super fund that considers environmental, social and governance issues in addition to financial returns.

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Can Earth sustain another billion people

The global population will swell to 8.5 billion people by 2030 according to the latest projections, news that has some scientists sounding the alarm.

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A rising tide: drowning in plastic

Friday 8 June is World Oceans Day and this year more than ever before, the day marks a call to arms to protect the seas from pollution and keep the planet blue.

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Climate Pressure

Increasing global temperatures by just 2°C will cause catastrophic damage to the planet and the clock is ticking. We need to act now!

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Carving out a new tomorrow

The nine to five model of work is becoming increasingly irrelevant as new technologies like automation, block chain, big data and machine learning shape the next generation workplace.

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Women: visible, vocal and active

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal swept across Hollywood and into the broader world last year, it helped give voice to women who had long kept quiet about sexual abuse and harassment.

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Getting clever about CQ

To develop an international career you need to sip from the great global cup of culture. We explore how to do it – or help your kids to.

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Grandparents raising grandkids

Retired Australian grandparents spend an average $400 a month toward the cost of rearing their grandkids, recent research has shown.

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How Australians spend an average day

There are 24 hours in a day and there are plenty of ways to use them. How exactly does the average Aussie spend their time?

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It takes a village to care for a village

There is a lovely African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, which highlights the importance of community in the growth and development of children.

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