Australian cities becoming expat choice

Mercer’s latest Cost of Living Survey shows Australian cities are becoming more affordable for expats.

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Staffing comes to smartphones

Recruitment apps can do in moments what might take the average HR department weeks.

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Mental health and the workplace - Mercer Super Australia
Great workplaces

Mental health is a real struggle for some people, it’s time we understand how to look after each other at work.

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How does 2019 Federal Budget affect our workforce - Mercer Super AU
Future proofing the workforce

Up to 80,000 apprenticeships will be created in industries with skills shortages as part of a $525 million skills package

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New technologies reshaping workplaces - Mercer Super Australia
Carving out a new tomorrow

The nine to five model is becoming increasingly irrelevant as we head towards the next generation workplace.

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Women in the workplace - Mercer Super Australia
Women: visible, vocal and active

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal swept across Hollywood and into the broader world, it helped give voice to women who had long kept quiet

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CQ and the job market - Mercer Super Australia
Getting clever about CQ

To develop an international career you need to sip from the great global cup of culture. We explore how to do it – or help your kids to.

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2018 Australian of the Year - Mercer Super Australia
Move over big brother

Here comes big sis STEM. The 2018 Australian of the Year is a quantum physicist who just happens to be a woman.

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Senior entrepreneurs changing the industry - Mercer Super Australia
Seniorpreneurs are stirring up start-ups

Older entrepreneurs are bringing a wealth of wisdom and experience to start-ups and the small business sector.

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An engaged workplace - Mercer Super Australia
How to be happy at work

A rewarding, yet challenging, role in an engaging workplace can make the difference between misery and joy.

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Five habits to help you manage the 9-to-5 work model - Mercer Super AU
Five ways to be well at work

Five Habits to work into your day, helping you manage to work at a desk for long hours.

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Career, jobs, talents - Mercer Super AU
Five transferable talents

Some skills are central to all workplaces. Here are five skills to take you seamlessly from one workplace to the next.

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Switching jobs - Mercer Super AU
Switching jobs

Before you decide to take any new job, ask yourself these six questions to help you find the right fit.

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Tips and tricks to launch your career overseas - Mercer Super AU
Launching career overseas

The thought of working overseas can be daunting, but the good thing is, it can be done!

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Unusual career choices - Mercer Super AU
Not your usual career path

Looking for an unusual career path? You’ll find this list of bizarre jobs to be pretty interesting.

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Social skills for career success - Mercer Super AU
Feeling your way to success

Self-awareness, impulse control and empathy are all qualities that mark people who excel in life and at work.

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