Mercer Investments Outlook

A Mercer Super 2020 performance overview, from Mercer Investments.

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To err is human to plan is a good idea

Sound planning can help you avoid emotionally charged investment decisions and keep you on track to achieve long-term financial goals.

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Time to fix the recycling crisis

Australia’s recycling industry is in crisis — how did we get there and what can we do about it?

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A smart path to retirement success

Market volatility can have a significant impact on retirement savings but Mercer SmartPath is designed to deliver strong returns.

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1 in 11 workers are missing out on super

Australia’s superannuation system is amongst the best in the world, but nearly one million working Australians will contribute nothing to their super this year.

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Adviser tips on property - Mercer Super Australia
Top adviser tips on property

Keen on investing in the property market? Mercer Financial Adviser, Julie Baldacchino, shares her top five tips on this year's property market.

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Australian property prices declining - Mercer Super Australia
Hot property starts to cool

Buyers are increasingly well placed as property prices decline across most Australian capitals, with Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra holding firm.

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Property investment and Australian wealth- Mercer Super AU
How safe are houses?

Australians’ much vaunted love affair with property means residential bricks and mortar account for a huge portion of our overall wealth.

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Responsible investing - Mercer Super Australia
A leader in responsible investing

Australians want to invest in a responsible super fund that considers environmental, social and governance issues in addition to financial returns.

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Share market volatility - Mercer Super AU.
Share market volatility

After six months of relative calm, share markets hit a rough patch in early October 2018. Global shares fell 6.5% while Australian shares fell 5.2%.

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Diverse, unconventional investments - Mercer Super AU.
Unusual investments

In these unpredictable times, some opportunists are searching for diversity and returns through unconventional investments.

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Cash injection and the market - Mercer Super AU
Yield of dreams

An unexpected injection of cash almost inevitably sparks the urge to travel, quit your job or buy a pony – at the very least it’s tempting to hit the shops.

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The questionable wisdom of crowds

We put our trust in crowds. Most of the big decisions in our society are made by large groups of people; be they government departments, cabinets or commissions.

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Fear and greed affecting the stock market - Mercer Super AU
The measure of fear

There’s a saying on Wall Street, home of the New York stock exchange, that share markets are driven by just two emotions: fear and greed.

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Climate change affecting investments - Mercer Super AU
Climate changes investment landscape

More than 700 institutions and 58,000 individual investors claim to have committed to removing nearly $5.5 trillion in fossil fuel-related.

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Investment beyond bonds and shares - Mercer Super AU
Private equity

In an environment of low yield and at-best moderate returns, investors are increasingly looking beyond bonds and shares to find meaningful return.

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