Investment Performance

Our investment reports are designed to provide regular updates on the economy and investment markets, along with the management and performance of our investment options.

Latest Mercer Super Trust Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports include in-depth information about each of our investment options, including performance commentary, returns, holdings, investment managers, and how we are tracking compared to our objectives for each option.

Quarter 2: 2021

SmartPath® members have enjoyed positive investment returns four quarters in a row - our best year on record.

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Quarter 1: 2021

Share markets have maintained broadly positive results since the December quarter, despite the volatility witnessed in Treasury yields and the slow rollout of vaccination programs globally.

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Quarter 4: 2020

Markets achieved strong positive returns over the December quarter despite the re-imposition of restrictions as a result of resurgence in COVID-19 cases and the spread of a new strain.

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Mercer Super Trust Monthly Reports

Monthly reports provide a short overview of significant events in financial markets each month, both in Australia and globally. These reports also contain a summary of monthly performance data for our full range of investment options.

September 2021

Following months of positive performance, equity markets suffered a global sell-off with September being the first negative month since January 2021.

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August 2021

Over August, the number of cases associated with the COVID-19 delta variant surged, slowing down the global economic recovery as countries with low vaccination rates were forced to reintroduce

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July 2021

Forward-looking purchasing manager indices revealed that growth in highly vaccinated countries has started to stabilise at high levels. Despite the encouraging news, investors remain concerned.

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June 2021

The US Federal Reserve shifted to more of a hawkish stance as inflation indicators reached decade highs. Consequently, the Federal Reserve announced plans to scale back on relief programs.

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May 2021

Over May, inflation fears intensified as a result of strong economic growth outlook and ongoing policy support, evidenced by expansionary budget proposals in both the US and Australia.

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April 2021

Global equity markets had a strong month over April, driven by economic optimism, accommodative monetary and fiscal policy and across developed markets the acceleration of vaccination rates.

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The reports are prepared by our local experts at Mercer Investments Australia Limited.