Why esports are exploding

Take professional Counter-Strike gamer Inger “Trigger Finger” Grotteblad. At age 67 she’s hardly your average esports competitor. After an earlier “addiction to Tetris” (most popular in the 1980s), sh

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Stroke of genius

The new portable brain-imaging technology, designed to rapidly identify brain injury and strokes, could be a life-saving addition to road and air ambulances across Australia and the world.

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Father and daughter
Happy fathers take time to be dads

Most Australian dads will have celebrated Fathers’ Day recently, but few would have taken extended leave from work at the time their children were born.

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Learn to Love Life… insurance

There are things we love and things we hate. We also have things we love to hate, like speed cameras, taxes and insurance.

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8 ways to go a little greener

It’s easy to weave environmental actions into our daily lives and, best of all, it’s cheap. Here’s how.

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Persistent poverty

Our superannuation and welfare systems disadvantage female retirees who do not own property.

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Getting in the right headspace

Young people will get faster access to mental health services based on the current Federal Budget.

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Grandparents raising grandkids

Retired Australian grandparents spend an average $400 a month toward the cost of rearing their grandkids.

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It takes a village to care for a village

This lovely African proverb highlights the importance of community in the development of children.

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How Australians spend an average day

There are 24 hours in a day and plenty of ways to use them. How exactly does the average Aussie spend their time?

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Respecting our elders

Elderly people are among the most vulnerable and they are often exploited by those they trust most.

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Life is not always smooth sailing

Raymond Zielonka believes that, we all sail through our lives, and sometimes the water is rough.

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The lifetime cost of kids

The joy of having children comes with a significant price tag. A first child may cost up to $13,000 in the first year.

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Poor sleep makes for a bad day at work

In a world of mobile phones,screen time, and less-precious free time, getting a good night’s sleep is ever more difficult.

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Credit when it’s due

Who hasn’t whipped out their card for an impulse buy or big-ticket item? What're the pros + cons of paying with plastic?

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Home sweet alternative home

Want to live sustainably – and mortgage free? Check out these increasingly fashionable and fully functional homes

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Cities that cater for young and old

A push to make our growing cities work better could have broad benefits for the entire population.

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10 intrepid travel apps

Whether you’re a low-budget backpacker or a serious frequent flyer, these apps make light work of travelling.

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6 great ways to get your yoga on

The science is in: yoga is good for you. A little downward dog will soon have you looking up.

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Life reboots at 50

Turning 50: old pressures ease off, making room for adventures. Here are five ways to enjoy your 50s

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The Smart Money starts out Money Smart

A 2017 study found 60% of Australians rated their overall financial knowledge as average, poor or very poor.

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A little Nudge can go a long way

We take a close look at how one simple economic theory can have a huge effect on individuals and populations.

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Fighting financial abuse

Nearly 16% of women have been financially abused by a partner, according to a recent study by RMIT University

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Men STOPping Violence Against Women

White Ribbon has created ‘tool kits’ to help men do more to prevent violence against women.

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The tree change is back

City dwellers weary of the rat race are once again turning their backs on the big smoke in favour of a better quality of life

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Cut & glue designer genes

Could we cure incurable diseases? Sure. Stop the spread of malaria? Quite possibly.

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The best time to buy 5 big-ticket items

Big-ticket items come with equally big price tags. Here’s a rundown of the best times to buy li

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7 everyday things destined to disappear

Everything new eventually becomes old – and often obsolete. We predict several surprising candidates.

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Sleep pattern and productivity - Mercer Super AU
The economics of sleep

Even if you mostly get your 7-9 hours of sleep, just one late night could impact your performance for as long as a week.

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The value of trust

It holds families, neighbourhoods and workplaces together. Here’s how social capital works.

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Ageing parents living at home alone - Mercer Super AU
Is your ageing parent ok?

The demands of daily living become more difficult to cope with as we age. Physical tasks start to become too hard to manage.

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Women caught in the middle

Women take on the role of carers, balancing motherhood, parental care and a professional career.

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The happiest countries in the world - Mercer Super AU
Who’s happiest and why?

Australia is among the world’s 10 happiest countries, according to the 2017 World Happiness Report, released in March.

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