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Cash isn't always king

During share market falls in the early parts of 2020, some Mercer members considered moving their super into a cash investment option.

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COVID—19 update: Accessing your super

On Sunday 22 March 2020, the Federal Government announced that eligible individuals will be able to access up to $10,000 of their super for the next two financial years

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Covid-19 in investments - Mercer Super AU
Impact of COVID-19 on super investments

Our global team of over 1,200 investment experts are carefully monitoring international and local markets to help protect your retirement outcomes.

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Coronavirus: Take the long view

Markets have fallen sharply but long-term investors can ride out the storm.

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Long-term view a vaccine to panic

Coronavirus concerns have continued to impact global share markets in recent days.

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The ups and downs of property

Without doubt the topic of house prices pops up at dinner tables, backyards, cafés and sports grounds all around Australia.

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Troubled times, buoyant shares

In December 2018 the United States and China agreed to defer tariff increases and exercise a temporary trade-war truce, giving economists hope that the faltering global economy would rev up again

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Trade wars and uncertainty rule markets

After a month of record local highs and a US rate cut, financial markets are now focused on the continuing US-China trade tensions and uncertainty around Brexit.

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How the first half of 2019 unfolded

A lot has happened in financial markets over the past six months. We take a look at the ups and downs and consider what lies ahead.

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May market update, US-China tensions lead to shaky global markets - Mercer Super Australia
May market update

After an optimistic April, sentiment soured in May as US-China tensions shake the global markets.

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Economic growth - Mercer Super Australia
Top 4 threats to economies in our region

Asia-Pacific economies are expected to grow by 5.6% in the two years to 2021 however, serious risks lie ahead.

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Quarter 2 2019 market update - Mercer Super Australia
Promising data

Widespread concern about the global markets began to ease in April as more positive data began to appear.

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What does 2019 Federal Budget mean to our economy - Mercer Super AU
It’s the economy…and a looming election

Billions of dollars in tax cuts for middle income earners took centre stage last night in this election-year Budget.

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Australian recycling sector - Mercer Super Australia
China’s trash: Australia’s treasure

A new plan argues that investing in the domestic recycling sector could have substantial benefits.

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Household debt - Mercer Super Australia
The heavy weight of household debt

With household savings at near record lows and rising levels of debt, are middle-class Australians are living in poverty?

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Video: Budget goes for young and old

Mercer Financial Advice leader Richard Ebbs says there's plenty in this budget for young super members and older folk.

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Dividend imputation - Mercer Super Australia
'Dividend Imputation'

With a Federal Election due in 2019 it’s not only government announcements that warrant investors’ attention.

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Elderly home care packages - Mercer Super Australia
Taking care of ageing business

14,000 new high-level home care packages to help older Australians stay in their own homes have been announced.

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Floristry industry in Australia - Mercer Super AU
Besotted by blossoms

Who grew your Valentine’s Day roses? And what does the rest of the year have in store for growers?

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Trading relationship between China and Australia - Mercer Super AU
Australia trades

Over the 2016-17 financial year China accounted for roughly a quarter of Australia's two-way trade.

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Trading relationship between Japan and Australia - Mercer Super AU
Trading with Japan

Old enemies can sometimes become great bedfellows - the ties between Australia and Japan.

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India the world's fastest growing economy? Mercer Super Australia
India’s livewire economy

India is enjoying a stellar economic run and is now hot on China’s heels for the title of world’s fastest growing economy.

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Gen x insurance, finances and job security - Mercer Super AU
Gen X financially unfit

Generation X is the least “financially fit generation” in Australia, according to recent research.

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Gen Y and gen X hoping for financial independence - Mercer Super AU
Generational hopes for financial freedom

Australians dream of financial independence but only a few have a practical plan to achieve it.

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Chinese holiday trips - Mercer Super AU
China's holiday boom

When the Chinese pack their bags for the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, they do it in big numbers.

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Australia and NZ a top team in trade - Mercer Super AU
Australia & NZ a top team in trade

New Zealand is Australia’s sixth-largest market, taking about 5% of our exports, including computer parts.

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Gen Y property investment and retirement plan - Mercer Super AU.
Gen Y downsizing the dream

Owning a home is just as much the “Great Australian Dream” for Gen-Y as it was for their parents and grandparents.

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Trading relationship between Germany and Australia - Mercer Super AU
From here to Germany

Germany is Australia’s ninth-largest trade partner, with two-way goods and services trade valued at $19.7 billion in 2015-16.

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The economics of immigration - Mercer Super AU
The economics of immigration

Along with Switzerland, Australia has the highest proportion of immigrants in the Western world.

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