Practice makes for a perfect retirement

A skilled engineer with four decades of experience in the construction industry at home and abroad, Rob first hung up his hard hat, however briefly, in 2012. He tried again in 2015, going so far as to

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Living by the list

“Imagine the shock when we were told post op that he had an incurable cancer in his bile ducts and that nothing could be done except palliative care,” Sally says.

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A retirement to value

That golden sac will be on display on the roof of the planned Vietnamese Museum Australia. It’s a powerful message: we’re all part of one family.

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Getting Real: Investing in commercial pr

Many people know a balanced investment portfolio contains a mix of key asset classes but when it comes to real estate, we’re more likely to think of residential homes than commercial property investme

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Couple sitting down and talking about retirement
Now’s the time to talk retirement

Mercer senior partner David Knox says now is an ideal time for the Australian public to begin a serious conversation about retirement.

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How to look ahead happily

Planning for our future may seem tedious in the face of an ever-growing to do list, but planning ahead can deliver some tangible benefits.

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Turning your retirement plans into a reality - Mercer Super AU
Retirement plans clash with reality

Turn your retirement plans from theory into a realistic practice with some help from this recent Mercer survey.

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Tidying up your super - Mercer Super Australia
Tidying up your super

Find yourself with superannuation accounts here, there and everywhere? It's time to tidy up your super.

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2018 Federal Budget vs 2019 Federal Budget - Mercer Super AU
1 July changes

In last year’s Budget, the Government announced a range of reforms as part of its Protecting Your Super package.

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How does 2019 Federal Budget affect your retirement plan - Mercer Super AU
Super moves court the older vote

Older Australians will be allowed to make voluntary super contributions without meeting the current work test under proposed new laws.

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5 Secrets to Retirement Success

Even when financially prepared for retirement, many people are unprepared for the psychological and social changes that occur.

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Australia slips in pension rankings

Australia's retirement system has gone down the global rankings due to growing household debt and tougher age pension tests.

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Giving with warm hands

As young people struggle to accumulate savings and get into the housing market, generous parents can nudge them into the black.

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Grey expectations

Many of us will be in the workforce until we’re 70. We analyse the challenges and opportunities for older workers.

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Planning in a digital world

We live a large part of our lives online – 87% of Australians access the internet daily.

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Staying the course reaps rewards

Bill and Glenys Parry could hardly have retired at a worse time; but they had a plan and they stuck to it.

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It pays to invest in an income for life

New rules for lifetime income products – like Mercer’s LifetimePlus – could help pensioners boost their pay cheque.

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Plan for your long-term future

Living only in the present can break your financial future. We need to work on being happy in the longer-term.

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80 not out

We all know Australia’s population is living longer, yet many of us are failing to plan adequately for life well into our 80s.

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Creating better lives

Martin Gunasilan has many qualities that are perfectly suited to his role at Mercer and his ambition to become a priest.

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An Expat retirement

A relaxed lifestyle, warmer climates and a lower cost of living are proving a draw card to older Australians.

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Preparing for retirement years - Mercer Super AU
Preparing for the 8000 days

Society needs to radically rethink how people spend their retirement years as we live longer and spend more.

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Retirees taking gap years - Mercer Super AU
Taking a golden gap

It’s not only the younger generation who are eager to break out of their comfort zone and indulge in a little wanderlust.

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What comfortable retirement means for Australians - Mercer Super AU
What does 'comfortable' mean?

Australians think ‘comfortable’ means having enough money to do what I want, and buy what I want.

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Retiring at 64 - Mercer Super AU
Karen's retirement story

Juggling family, work and study for many years did not halt Karen’s desire to achieve financial independence.

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Retirement planning for a young family - Mercer Super AU
Aleksandra's retirement planning story

Young mum Aleksandra says dedicating time and energy to building financial literacy has broadened her worldview.

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Australians will struggle funding a comfortable retirement - Mercer Super AU
Will you be ready for retirement?

Half of all working Australians will struggle to fund a comfortable lifestyle once they leave the workforce, a study shows.

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Planning for retirement - Mercer Super AU
Doug's retirement planning story

There are those who meticulously plan for those 8000 days of retirement, but Doug is still deeply engaged in his work.

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