Investments need sustainable approach

The catastrophic bushfires that swept through Australia this summer sparked a renewed interest in investor-led solutions to climate change.

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Endangered species are everyone’s issue

Species decline is a major problem, but the solutions are well known, and everyone in Australia can play a part.

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Responsible investment on the rise

Responsible Investing is no longer a niche as it's reached a tipping point in Australia. Here's why.

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How does 2019 Federal Budget affect our environment - Mercer Super AU
Change is not in the air

The Morrison Government has staked its environmental reputation on a $2 billion boost to Climate Solutions Fund.

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Can Earth sustain another billion people

The global population will swell to 8.5 billion people by 2030, news some scientists find alarming.

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A rising tide: drowning in plastic

Friday 8 June is World Oceans Day. The day marks a call to arms to protect the seas and keep the planet blue.

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Climate Pressure

Increasing global temperatures by just 2°C will cause catastrophic damage to the planet and the clock is ticking.

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Operation oceans: The clean-up begins

The oceans are choking on plastic. Here are some genius – and effective – rubbish removal ideas.

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The difference half a degree makes

Humanity has about a decade to avoid the worst effects of climate change, according to climate change experts.

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10 of the world’s greenest destinations

From Singapore to Slovenia, here are the places setting the pace for nurturing environmental and cultural sustainability.

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Trouble brewing for global coffee supply

Your morning caffeine fix is literally a drop in the ocean of a thriving global coffee industry.

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Precious resource under pressure

As the global population grows and climate change accelerates, resources will become scarce.

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Climate change with a cherry on top

Climate change is usually explained in terms of melting ice caps, rising sea levels and coral bleaching.

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Cutting carbon emissions

Australia can meet its 2030 greenhouse emissions target at zero net cost, new research says.

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Australia's energy future - Mercer Super AU
Our energy future

Advance technologies in new energy sources are changing the way Australians generate and store power.

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