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MercerSpectrum Decommission 

On 30 June 2021, MercerSpectrum will be decommissioned and it will no longer be possible to process any transactions on the platform.

This page provides support materials to assist employers and their payroll teams to transition to the replacement superannuation contribution clearing house solution, Employer Portal.

Employer Portal support materials:

  1. Employer Portal PDS
  2. Employer Portal User Guide
  3. Employer Portal Fact Sheet
  4. Employer Portal FAQs
  5. Employer Portal training video

SAFF (SuperStream Alternative File Format) materials:

  1. SAFF Support Guide (Specification)
  2. SAFF Checklist
  3. SAFF Checklist – Defined Benefit
  4. SAFF sample template (csv)

MercerSpectrum transition guides:

  1. Guide – Extracting member and fund list
  2. Guide – How to extract historical contributions
  3. Member list with funds (Excel template)

Need Help?

If you have any queries or need help with these documents, please reach out via the support options advised in your correspondence.