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Transition to retirement

When you turn 57 years old, a Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension strategy enables you to use your income to boost your retirement funds or help you ease back on work without losing any take home pay.

The benefits of TTR

Making a gradual transition

It's become much less common for Australians to hang up their boots at age 57 and there are many reasons why people work longer. You might need more money or you might simply enjoy the mental stimulation and social interactions a work environment can offer.

Ease into retirement

Reduce your work hours gradually and use your super to supplement your income and continue your current lifestyle.

How to do it

Setting up a TTR arrangement can be complex - as are most strategies with tax implications, so it's often wise to get help from an accredited professional. Speak to a Mercer financial adviser today

Important notice: The Federal Government has legislated a number of changes to the rules and strategies outlined on this page. For more information, read our Super Rules Take Financial Shape update.

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