Here’s how to save and make the most out of your contributions

Personal contribution

Boost your super from your 'take home' pay or savings and claim a tax deduction. You can add to your super via BPAY®.  To claim a tax deduction, you'll need to complete a 'Notice of intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal super contributions ' form available from the ATO website. The form needs to be returned to us no later than the day you lodge your tax return, or by 30 June - whichever date come first. We'll let you know once we receive your form.

Your BPAY® payment details can be found at

Go to the ‘Personal Details’ section. To find the BPAY Biller Code and your personal Reference Number, scroll down past the ‘Communications preferences’ section.

Changing your job to a new employer

Changing jobs? Find out what changing jobs means for your super. Plus key reasons to enjoy your Mercer benefits as your career path changes along the way. 

Spouse contribution

If your spouse earns less than $37,000*, you can help boost their retirement savings by making an after-tax contribution of up to $3,000 into your spouse's super and get up to a $549 tax offset.

If your spouse is also with Mercer Super, you'll need to complete the ‘Your spouse's contribution to the Mercer Super Trust' form and return it to us. You can find the form in the 'Documents and forms' section at

Government co-contribution up to $500

Did you know, if you earn less than $38,564 this financial year, and you top up your super with $1,000 after-tax, you could be eligible for a government co-contribution of up to $500. You could still qualify for a reduced government co-contribution if you earn up to $53,564.

You won’t need to apply for the co-contribution; we’ll notify the ATO of your super contributions on your behalf, and your eligibility will be assessed when you lodge your tax return. If eligible, the government co-contribution amount will be paid directly into your super account.

Salary sacrifice

Pay less tax on your hard-earned income by contributing a little extra to your super. You will need to get in touch with your HR/Payroll team to set this up. But its easy, just download the ‘Salary sacrifice application form’ and email it directly to your employer.

Contribution caps

Remember to keep an eye on your contribution caps to avoid any excess contribution changes - in particular if you contribute to more than one super account. You can find your total contribution for the year in the ‘Contributions Caps’ section at

Find out more at


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